Don’t Expect More Spinoffs From Arrow And The Flash


Looks like we can forget about a Hawkgirl show or any other DC super hero spinoffs on The CW. The Arrow-verse is going to remain at three series after DC’s Legends of Tomorrow hits the air next year.

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The president of The CW, Mark Pedowitz, made that clear this week while answering questions during the Television Critics Association press tour. Even though The Flash and Arrow are the network’s two highest rated shows, there are no plans to continue doubling down on DC success.

“There is no intention, at this point, to spin anything else off,” Pedowitz said to reporters.

Part of that stance could be a simple function of available time. As Comic Book Resources reminds us, The CW airs much less prime time TV overall than other broadcast networks, going 8-10 pm just five days a week. Since Pedowitz says the idea is to continue to broaden its audience, there’s only so much DC they can cram in there — which could also be the motivation for running Legends of Tomorrow in midseason.

Yet Supergirl, which will take flight this season on CBS, could have been one of the shows on the schedule if The CW hadn’t chosen not to pursue it. Pedowitz made it sound like it may have been a choice between that series and The Flash when it was first presented to the network, and that decision has turned out pretty well so far, considering more people watched the adventures of the Fastest Man Alive than anything else on The CW last season.

Speaking of Supergirl, there was one more tantalizing tidbit to come out of the TCA interviews. Pedowitz said that the Girl of Steel could do crossovers with the Arrow-verse, but that it would be up to producer Greg Berlanti.

“We’re open to crossovers,” Pedowitz said to the L.A. Times. “It’s Greg’s call because he understands his shows.”

File that one away for later, for sure.

(via L.A. Times by way of Comic Book Resources)

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