Gotham: Gordon Is Busted To Down Traffic Duty


Police Commissioner Loeb is James Gordon’s biggest political enemy, and he’s making sure that Gordon is paying for his actions in season two of Gotham.

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Ben McKenzie described how his character Jim Gordon is at a new low at the beginning of the second season of Gotham:

"We pick up Season 2 where it’s a reversal of fortune. Young Mr. Cobblepot is the king of Gotham and Mr. Gordon is at the lowest he’s ever been. He’s been punished by Loeb for saving Falcone’s life and foiling Loeb’s plan. So, he’s a traffic cop and he’s pretty bitter about it. As always in Gotham, things change quickly and the rules are reversed, yet again."

While Gordon might have some leverage on Loeb, he’s clearly not untouchable. We’ll see how long this situation last and if the political battle between Gordon & Loeb finally comes to a head in season two of Gotham, which starts on Fox September 21st.

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