Are Secret Wars #6 And #7 Really Coming Out On The Same Day?


As you know if you’re a regular reader here or at the excellent Bleeding Cool, the site that first put us on the scent, Secret Wars has had delays that affected both the otherwise excellent main series and a number of its tie-ins. It hasn’t been extremely disruptive since Marvel planned the whole event to be fairly compact to begin with, but it has made for some strange pacing to the whole thing.

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It’s possible that feeling could get even more unusual in September. Secret Wars #5 just came out this week, more than a month earlier than its original intended release date of July 1. Secret Wars #6 was supposed to drop this week but is now slated for September 2.

You know what else is also currently supposed to come out on September 2? Secret Wars #7. Or at least places like Comixology still have it listed that way, as does Marvel’s own website. Yet the Marvel Database, a popular wiki site, says #7 is going to be released on September 23. Bleeding Cool, which has been on top of this from the start, also says #7 is due out on September 23.

We’re going with Rich Johnston, since he’s had the hot hand this whole time. We’re updating our Secret Wars delays page to represent the info that Bleeding Cool has. And if somehow Secret Wars #7 ends up in your pull box on the 2nd, just consider it an early Christmas present.

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