Erin Richards, David Mazouz & Sean Pertwee Talk Gotham Aftermath


Though season two of Gotham seems to be all about the rise of crazy new villains in the troubled city of Gotham, there’s plenty in store for anyone who remains from season one. Barbara Kean is now a deranged serial killer & Alfred Pennyworth is assisting young Bruce Wayne in finding out his father’s deepest secrets.

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In the pair of videos below, Erin Richards, who plays Barbara Kean, Sean Pertwee & David Mazouz who play Alfred & Brue Wayne recap what happened with their characters in season one of Gotham. Both Pertwee & Mazouz sound pretty excited to find out what’s in the cave (and we’ve been told that their story in season two literally picks up seconds after where season one left off, so we won’t be waiting long to find out either). Richards says that Barbara has “finally been let out of her cage” and is like a wild animal. Sounds about right. Check out the videos below:

How much havoc will Barbara Kean wreak? What other secrets will Bruce & Alfred find? We’ll start to get the answers when season two of Gotham starts September 21st!

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