Ronda Rousey Plays Up Captain Marvel Hopes On Social Media


We wouldn’t exactly call it campaigning for the job, but ever since UFC superstar Ronda Rousey first mentioned that she’d like to play Captain Marvel out of any female super hero that has yet to be cast in movies, she’s certainly not backing down from it either.

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Some of her fans are aiding in that effort, using their artistic and photo editing skills to give everyone a better idea of what Rousey would look like as Carol Danvers. The UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion took to Instagram this weekend, eager to share the results.

Some even went back further and used Carol Danvers’ Ms. Marvel/Warbird costume as inspiration.

From these pictures, there’s no question she would look the part. Her acting background isn’t extensive, but you’d have to wonder if that would matter to Marvel if the studio was convinced she could handle the gig. She’d certainly bring a lot of excitement from the general public to the solo debut of a hero who still can’t properly be called a household name with the general public.

Rousey will have some more time to continue putting the idea of her playing Danvers in Marvel’s head, as the Captain Marvel film still doesn’t have a director and isn’t due in theaters until November 2, 2018.

(via Fox Sports)

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