Real-Life Batman Dies


In a world where gloom sometimes overtakes joy, one man made sure that happiness and inspiration always came out on top.  Leonard Robinson, known to many in the Baltimore-Washington area as the real-life Batman, made it his mission to lift the spirits of terminally ill children by visiting them in his black Batmobile-inspired Lamborghini and dressing up as the Dark Knight himself.  Today, Yahoo! brings us sad news that Robinson, 51, was fatally hit by a car on the I-70 freeway.

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Police say that around 10:30PM, Robinson was standing in the fast-lane of eastbound I-70 and checking the engine of his Lamborghini when he was struck by an oncoming Toyota Camry.  The driver of the Camry was not injured.

Robinson gained fame in 2012 when a police dashcam video surfaced showing him being pulled over while driving his Lamborghini Batmobile.  The Washington Post reported that every year, Robinson spent over $25,000 of his own money on Batman memorabilia (toys, t-shirts, books, etc.) that he gave to children.

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Robinson may not have fought larger-than-life supervillains, but he was the genuine article.  Superheroes are meant to inspire and bring hope, and Robinson gave that to people in spades.  In fact, I believe that if the Justice League existed in our world, they would hold a moment of silence for a fallen comrade.

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