Batman v Superman Is A Pretty Short Fight


Ok, we’ve gotten a lot of discussion and celebrity opinions over who would win in the epic showdown of Batman v Superman, and it’s been pretty one-sided. Batman doesn’t stand a chance. And here’s yet another video weighing in that actually shows the fight in cool animated form.

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I do really like the animation in this Batman v Superman fight, but even as someone who is a realist about Batman’s extremely slim chances against Superman, I have a lot of problems with this. Batman wouldn’t just show up and throw a batarang, he’d at least be a little bit smarter about it. After all, the movie is Batman v Superman, not Superman Destroys Batman because Batman was stupid), And also, obviously, Superman would not straight up murder Batman. That’s a key part of his character, he doesn’t murder (at least not unnecessarily) and he often pulls punches against even some of his strongest foes. Anyways, check out the very short Batman v Superman fight below:

Of course the actual fight in Batman v Superman will be at least a little more drawn out (and my guess is there won’t actually be a definitive winner frankly) when the movie hits theaters March 25th.


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