Arrow: Will Oliver Queen Adopt A Whole New Persona As Green Arrow?


When last we left Oliver Queen at the end of Arrow, Season 3, he was literally riding off into the sunset with Felicity Smoak. We know he’ll be back, as his city means too much to him (even if it’s going through a name change) to stay away forever. But as the Arrow, it’s a true case of not being able to go home again, not with his identity supposedly revealed — as Roy Harper, who is thought to be deceased.

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We know that Roy wasn’t really the Arrow and that he’s still alive. So when Oliver returns as Green Arrow, he can’t just look and act the same as he did before or people will know they’ve been duped. His new costume, shown above, will help, but might he have to act a bit differently to sell the charade?

It would certainly make some sense for Oliver to lighten up a bit, as explained by Adam Holmes of Cinema Blend:

"While Oliver’s method of taking down criminals will largely be the same in Season 4, it’s possible that as Green Arrow, his demeanor may change compared to his time as The Hood/Arrow. Perhaps we’ll finally see him acting closer to his comic book counterpart; i.e. still tough, but also more light-hearted. That would also help with making sure bystanders and criminals don’t connect the dots between him and The Arrow … aside from them sharing the same archer theme."

I know what you’re thinking. Mr Brooder himself, Oliver Queen, act less grim? Well, he does have a super hero buddy who knows how to smile fairly often in Barry Allen, the Flash, and he’s just been off with Felicity for several months. Those factors could help him pull it off, as could the return to like of Sara Lance, whose death caused him a big part of his angst in Season 3. Maybe he’ll even stop some crimes during daylight hours for once!

One thing we do know is that we won’t have to wait long to find out how Oliver will tackle crime in Star City as Green Arrow. Executive producer Marc Guggenheim assured fans in an interview with Green Arrow TV that we’ll see him in his new identity immediately.

"That’s definitely the thesis statement of episode 401, the season premiere. He can’t be the Arrow anymore, because everyone believes that Roy Harper was the Arrow, and Roy Harper is dead, at least as far as everyone believes. So, he had to adopt a new identity. All of this is explained in the season premiere; we come straight out with it."

It should be interesting, especially with a fairly vocal part of Arrow fandom feeling that Season 3 was a bit uneven. The Season 4 premiere, “Green Arrow,” is heading our way Wednesday, October 8 on The CW.

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