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A-Force #1 Cosplay Variant

by Jay Justice

A comic book fan for more than two decades and an experienced cosplayer, Jay Justice calls New York City home, but can be seen at conventions all across the country. All but the oldest of Jay’s dozens of costumes are hand-crafted and hand-sewn, and Justice also has very obvious talent at combining costumes with expert body paint application — as this She-Hulk clearly shows.

Justice recently announced a cosplay consulting service for beginning and intermediate cosplayers; interested parties can find full information here.

An outspoken champion against racism and other forms of prejudice within the cosplay community and society in general, Jay is all over social media and the internet in general. Justice, as it turns out, is everywhere.

Twitter: @thatjayjustice

Instagram: @thatjayjustice

YouTube: ThatJayJustice

Tumblr: And Justice For All

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