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All-New Inhumans #1 Cosplay Variant

by Yaya Han

Not every cosplayer has his or her own Wikipedia page, but Yaya Han does. Even if you’ aren’t familar with her work as a cosplayer or model, it’s possible you’ve seen her on TV, as she’s been a guest judge on King of the Nerds more than once, and has been involved with Syfy’s Heroes of Cosplay as well. She’s self-taught, and has been involved in cosplay since 1999.

From incredible Batgirl and Invisible Woman costumes to a wide variety of characters from anime and manga, Yaya has a range that not too many other cosplayers can match. And while you probably can’t duplicate her results without years of practice and devotion to your craft, you can at least have access to some of the same tools of the trade, as she sells a line of cosplay accessories and wigs from her own online shop.

It might be that skill with wigs that made her the perfect choice for Medusa, whose long hair is both tied to her power and her signature trait as Queen of the Inhumans.

Twitter: @YayaHan

Instagram: @yayahan

YouTube: YayaCosplay

Tumblr: YayaCosplay

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