Rumor: Is George Miller Directing Man Of Steel 2?


Could it be that Warner Bros. already knows who it wants to helm the next Superman solo film? And is it someone other than Zack Snyder, who directed Man of Steel?

The answer to those questions is the same: maybe, but it depends on who you ask. The reason that we’re even talking about it is that Jon Schnepp, director of Death of Superman Lives, a fascinating documentary about the never filmed Nic Cage Superman flick, said that someone already has the gig. Schnepp revealed during DC Movie News on the Popcorn Talk Network that one of the hottest names in action movies right now would be in charge of Henry Cavill’s next solo outing.

"Yeah, George Miller. He’s doing Man of Steel 2."

On the heels of the critically acclaimed and pretty much universally loved Mad Max: Fury Road, that would be a good get. But is Miller actually signed on? That depends on who you believe.

Comic Book Resources has a source that “casts doubt on the rumor.” Umberto Gonzalez of Heroic Hollywood, who reported previously that Miller and Warner Bros. were talking, says nothing is done yet, but that his sources are saying it could happen if the two sides can agree on a suitable budget. And I’m guessing if Miller wants to bring the same spirit from Fury Road to the DC movie universe, we’d be talking some big numbers.

So at the moment, this appears to be one of those “smoke but no fire” situations, where Miller could very well end up directing Man of Steel 2, or a different Warner Bros’ super hero movie, but we shouldn’t be shocked if he doesn’t, either. Stay tuned, as they say.

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