Stephen Amell Talks Batman On Arrow


Arrow is a show that borrows a lot of elements from Batman. Both in characters and tone. But could Batman ever show up on Arrow? Arrow actor (and for at least one night WWE wrestler) Stephen Amell talked about whether it could happen at Wizard World in Chicago.

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Stephen Amell said he has very little say in what characters are on the show, but he would love to at least see Bruce Wayne on the series at some point, saying Wayne & Oliver Queen could either be great friends or great rivals because they are so similar.

Stephen Amell also said he had talked about the idea with DC Entertainment chief Diane Nelson, who said that they want to keep crossovers to a minimum to “make the best version of each thing.”

This comment makes no sense. You have movie universes that are all one big crossover starting next year, and a TV universe that is largely all a bunch of crossovers. Also since in the movie universe Bruce Wayne is much older, you could easily have someone playing younger Bruce Wayne on TV. THIS ISN’T THAT HARD GUYS. And Stephen Amell doesn’t rule out this kind of possibility either saying logically, they could have their own version of Bruce Wayne somewhere down the lane. Hopefully Warner Bros will see that logic at some point too.


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