Recap: Stephen Amell In Action At WWE SummerSlam


Teased for months off and on during WWE programming, Arrow star Stephen Amell finally got his chance to participate in a wrestling match Sunday night at SummerSlam.

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Two big questions were answered right away, as Amell was billed under his own name, and while he did wear a hooded green vest during his ring walk at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, he didn’t wear his full super hero costume — Arrow or Green Arrow. Amell watched as his partner Neville started the match, but he showed off some agility by leaping into action off the top rope.

Absorbing a hard shove from Stardust, Amell got right back to his feet and connected with a boot right to Stardust’s gut. The actor continued his surprises by landing on his feet after getting flipped backward and executing a nice hip toss.

King Barrett tagged in for the heel team, using a back kick to soften Amell up and leave him in trouble in the opposing corner. A continued assault by both heels left Amell in trouble on the floor, but after Stardust spent some time mocking him, Amell was able to pull off an enzuigiri. He tagged in Neville, who got both bad guys out to the floor.

Amell came off the top turnbuckle with a cross body that hit Barrett and Stardust, and Neville followed up with a finishing move that comic book fans should appreciate — the Red Arrow — to pin Barrett and leave Amell 1-0 as a pro wrestler.

Not bad for a debut, and much better than some of the other celebrities that the WWE has used in matches in the past. Well one, Mr. Amell. Even though we’d like you to keep saving your city, come back any time you want.

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