Could Superman Ever Appear On Gotham?


Gotham depending on who you ask, either takes place in the far past or possibly in some kind of Elseworlds universe. But does that mean other heroes from the DC universe couldn’t show up? What about Superman? Well Ben McKenie answered just that question at Wizard World Chicago this weekend.

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"[Characters] don’t actually have powers on our show. There’s gravity; people can’t just fly around."

McKenzie also said that with so many decades of Batman lore, there’s plenty to draw from and they don’t really need to pull things from other corners of the DC universe to keep things interesting.

While I agree that reaching into other corners of the DC universe is not necessary, assuming Gotham goes long enough, there might be several villains with powers. Poison Ivy definitely has powers, Clayface certainly has powers. We’ll see if they make some exceptions in those cases. One thing we do know for sure is that the villains are rising to power in season two of Gotham, which starts September 21st on Fox!


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