Update: Spider-Man Unlimited and Future Fight Delve Into Secret Wars


Great news to all players of the two Marvel mobile games I can’t stop talking about, Spider-Man Unlimited and Future Fight are finally heading into Secret Wars! According to an interview with Marvel Games’ creative director Bill Rosemann over at Entertainment Weekly, two of Marvel’s games are receiving awesome updates -with both updates arriving on Wednesday August 26th, 2015, only two days away!

Many Future Fight players  have been anticipating this update; originally, it was thought that the next update would include the characters Dr.Strange, Enchantress, and Sandman, but players discovered that we were egregiously wrong about the information. It was revealed through a Netmarble (the game’s developer) post on their Korean site that the update would instead include A-Force (an all female Secret Wars team) characters She-Hulk, newcomer Singularity, and Nico Minoru (Sister Grimm). Rosemann had an explanation for why the update seemed to take so long, saying: “Over the last six to seven months, we have just been gathering as much information and as much reference art as possible,” so we can sure it’ll look as awesome as it always has.

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A new mode called “Taskmaster’s Killiseum” will also debut, and much to everyone’s excitement, and the sadness of all wallets, the update also includes a wave of new uniforms for the following characters.

  • Angela (1602)
  • Black Widow (2099)
  • Bullseye
  • Captain America (2099)
  • Captain Marvel (Carol Corps)
  • Groot (Presumably Thors)
  • Iron Man (2099)
  • Kingpin (Armor Wars)
  • Hulk (Maestro)
  • Spider-Man (Renew Your Vows)
  • Venom (presumably Zombies)

Spider-Man Unlimited will finally get the Spider-Island content that was announced awhile back, and the update will include a new alliance mode that I discussed (along with other alliance modes) in my article earlier this week. The new characters include: Peter Parker, Mary Jane, Silver Sable, Spider-Woman, and Carlie Cooper, all imbued with spider abilities.  This will be followed up by a September udpate which will include Renew Your Vows Secret Wars content, with characters such as Agent Venom, Madame Web, and Annie Parker.

These updates will not only reflect the current state of the Marvel comic world and bring the content to people who are reading through the comic storylines, but also let players who are not keeping up with the comics enjoy the very same content. Rosemann put it best, ““[The updates are an] invitation to new fans to discover what Secret Wars is and it’s also a reward for all the readers who are currently enjoying Secret Wars.” 

I will certainly be playing the heck out of these two games come Wednesday and I hope you guys will be too. Stay tuned for feedback on the changes!

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