Batman Has Killed More People Than You’d Think


We’ve been over this time and time again. Batman might try real hard not to kill people, but he doesn’t always succeed. But this is mostly in comic books (and video games). What about in the movies? Well if you can put together a decent supercut of Batman killing a ton of people, I think you know the answer to that.

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As you can see in this supercut below, there aren’t many movie Batmen that hasn’t killed anybody. Even Adam West, star of the super campy and family friendly 1960s Batman TV series, kills of a few bad guys in his movie. Probably most surprising is the 1989 Batman played by Michael Keaton. He racks up about 20 kills, and seems to enjoy every single one of them. Like he’s not even trying. Killing is not just on the table, it’s a preferred method. Like Dark Knight Trilogy Batman doesn’t actively try to kill guys, it just happens some times in the pursuit of justice. ’89 Batman is actively blows guys up. The only Caped Crusader not to have killed anyone? That’d be George Clooney Batman of Batman & Robin, the most reviled Batman film of all time. Check out all the Dark Knight kills below:

Will Batfleck add to the body count in Batman v Superman (or any of the other upcoming DC movies)? We’ll just have to find out….


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