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Web-Slinger Wednesday: Spider-Man Roundup 8/26/15


Let’s go!


This Spider-Man role in the Civil war movie is getting more and more interesting. It seems that Aunt May is going to be in the movie, along with Spidey’s bedroom. This would imply that there is more depth to Spidey vs just some fight scenes. Also, Spider-Man is possibly going to be fighting one of the Avengers. Spoiler alert, folks. This is getting wild.

James Franco, the guy we know as Harry Osborn and New Goblin, posted a picture of him in a cool looking Spidey bib. I said BIB.

You’ll need to see this cake featuring Iron Man, Batman, Captain America, and of course Spider-Man. You’re welcome.

Peter’s Photo

(Because he’s mostly known as a photographer. Get it?)

Best Of The 60s Spider-Man Meme
Best Of The 60s Spider-Man Meme /


You’ve probably run into this video, or at least know what it talks about. But, here are Ten Facts About Spider-Man.

That’s it. As you can see, we’re expanding out of just news. I’m always tweaking, so things could slightly different next time in terms of what appears.

Keep swingin’!

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