Ben McKenzie Knows When Batman will Appear on ‘Gotham’


Even though Gotham‘s Bruce Wayne, David Mazouz, told the Hall H crowd at Comic-Con that you’d see his character become Batman this season, we sort of knew it was hyperbole.

Fact is, Ben McKenzie, who plays Jim Gordon, knows when you’ll see a cape and cowl on Gotham.

"The last frame of the last shot of the last scene of the last episode of Gotham, whatever season that may be, is Bruce putting on that cape."

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Honestly, I hate that Bruce Wayne is in this show at all. Here’s an excerpt from my rant during our season 1 roundtable on Gotham.

"Gotham, on the other hand, tries too hard to tie all these colorful, extreme characters together to weave the fabric of the city before Batman is even an idea. The result of this is that the rogues essentially create the environment that creates Batman, not the other way around. Their existence creates the need for Batman, turning him into a reaction to them. That changes the entire mythos in the same way that Greedo shooting first does. It corrupts the motivations of important characters and turns them into something completely foreign.Just having Bruce Wayne a character in the show is a serious mistake. By having him forge relationships with Jim Gordon and Selina Kyle fundamentally change adult Batman’s place in what we have traditionally considered the world of Gotham City. Not only that, but it quickly devolves into Bruce and Selina’s Junior Detective Agency.The real main character of the series should be Gotham itself, with its vicious cycle of self-fulfilling malaise, not the people that are artificially creating the Batman universe we know is at the end of the line. What we needed was The Wire, what we got was the Star Wars prequels with a touch of Nancy Drew. That’s just not the show we deserve."

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The sad irony of McKenzie’s statement is the possibility that Gotham may not survive past season 2 if they don’t make the marked improvements the actor addressed last week. If that happens, we may not see Bruce put that cape on at all.

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