Dark Knight: ‘Facts’ You Definitely Didn’t Know


I’m pretty sure all of us comic-book nerds are huge fans of the Dark Knight. I mean it’s one of the most well-reviewed and biggest grossing movies of all time. So I’m sure there’s a lot of people who think they know everything about the Dark Knight that there is to know. But Clickhole has some astounding “facts” about the greatest Batman movie of all time you have definitely never heard until now.

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For instance, did you notice all those scenes where Commissioner Gordon and Batman are talking, but never actually in a scene together? That’s because Commissioner Gordon IS Batman! And he’s also the Joker. And Rachel Dawes. Man, Gary Oldman is so versatile! Also, did you know Andy Serkis was in the Dark Knight? It’s true! The former Gollum played the burnt half of Two-Faces face! Check out these and other amazing facts about The Dark Knight in the video below:

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