Gotham: All About The Galvans


Theo & Tabitha Galvan are a new billionaire brother-sister duo coming to Gotham in season two. While they may be new to the show, the Galvans have a long history in Gotham and have plans for revenge on the city. James Frain & Jessica Lucas, who play Theo & Tabitha (who will eventually be Tigress) talked with about their characters.

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James Frain talked about the relationship between the two Galvans:

"I think we decided pretty early on to make it as normal a sibling relationship as possible, because everything else in our world is totally crazy. Everything about these Gotham citizens is “performance.” It seems like when we’re together, it’s just pure brother and sister sibling interactions. We could be just a couple of ten year olds, in all honesty. Actually, it’s the most normal relationship I have in the whole story!"

And Jessica Lucas talked a little bit about the Galvans’ motivations:

"We feel wronged, and we want some redemption for our family. But they’re a little crazy, so who knows if they’re justified in that or not."

We know that Tabitha is set to become Tigress, but it’s also been hinted that Theo Galvan is key to the origin of a very famous Batman villain. Which one? We’ll just have to watch season two of Gotham to find out, which starts September 21st on Fox!

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