Gotham: Drew Powell Updates Us On Butch


Nobody had it easy in the first season of Gotham, but I think it’s safe to say few had it harder than Butch. Fish Mooney’s loyal henchman, he was kidnapped and tortured by Zsas until he was Penguin’s willing lackey, then he was torn in the big showdown between Penguin & Mooney in the season finale. But Drew Powell, who plays Butch on Gotham, was upgraded to a series regular for season two, so we’ll definitely be seeing more of him when Gotham returns. Drew Powell talked with about what state Butch is in when we see him in season two.

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"Well, when we left Butch, he was a quivering mess on the rooftop, with really nobody left but Penguin. When we open season two, he’ll be with Penguin, Victor Zsazz’s conditioning still intact. The interesting stuff is what happens from there, which I can’t tell you much about. But I can tell you, some interesting stuff is going down. You know, they’re calling this season the “rise of the villains,” and it sure is! It’s really neat how they’ve pushed the meter even further in terms of the darkness and villainy that’s happening."

We’ll see what role Butch has in the Rise of The Villains when Gotham returns on Fox September 21st!

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