Arrow EP Teases Coast City … And Maybe Green Lantern


Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim is such a tease. I say that as a compliment, because the veteran comic book scribe and TV writer and producer simply knows how to get us interested in what’s coming without giving too much away.

This weekend, it was Coast City, known mainly as the fictional home for Green Lantern Hal Jordan for most of DC’s publishing history from the Silver Age on. We’ve heard it mentioned multiple times on both Arrow and The Flash, with additional references to Ferris Air, the airline for which Jordan traditionally worked as a test pilot.

But the image Guggenheim posted to and later shared on Twitter is the most direct shout out to Green Lantern yet. Take a look:

You might recall that Hal’s oath is pretty similar to that ad. It goes like this:

In brightest day, in blackest night,

No evil shall escape my sight.

Let those who worship evil’s might

Beware my power — Green Lantern’s light!

Oliver Queen and Hal Jordan were close friends more often than not for the majority of the last five decades. GL wouldn’t have fit in on the first few seasons of Arrow, but with the series tackling more meta-humans and the introduction of magic in Season 4, this would be the perfect time to bring him in. It’s worth noting that Hal was also tight with Barry Allen, making his fit within the Arrow-verse even more appropriate.

That doesn’t mean Green Lantern is definitely coming, but this does make it seem more likely than ever. Watch the skies for an emerald glow when Arrow returns with new episodes on Wednesday, October 7.


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