The Flash: Veteran Character Actor Cast As The Voice Of Zoom


We’ll have to wait to see what the deal is with Zoom in Season 2 of The Flash, but at least we know who will be giving the show’s new Big Bad his voice.

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That would be Tony Todd, as Variety revealed exclusively earlier today. If you’ve heard the actor’s voice as the star of the Candyman films or from his numerous TV roles over the years, you already know that the 60-year old is an inspired choice as someone who can create the proper feeling of menace. Todd will get to do his thing as early as episode 2, “Flash of Two Worlds.”

The Variety article also reveals why there needs to be a voice for Zoom at all. Unlike Reverse-Flash in Season 1, we won’t find out who Zoom really is for quite some time. As a result, the producers didn’t want the villain’s voice to simply be the actor playing Zoom run through a filter, like they did with Tom Cavanagh.

Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg explained it to the trade this way:

"Part of the mystery of the season is who or what is underneath the Zoom outfit, and so we wanted to do something like James Earl Jones as Darth Vader — this iconic voice coming out of this mask. Last year, we thought of the Reverse-Flash as a speed warrior; this year, Zoom is like a speed demon, and no one does demon-voice better than Tony Todd."

That should probably be on Todd’s business card: “No one does demon-voice better than Tony Todd.”

Kreisberg also suggested that Zoom’s motivations will be different from those of Reverse-Flash, but that they would be “simple and easy to understand, and very primal.” In the comics, Zoom (a.k.a. police profiler Hunter Zolomon) wanted to make Wally West (the Flash when he got his powers) into a better hero by making him go through personal tragedy. Barry Allen has already experienced some of his own on TV, so Zoom might have a different goal, though he’ll undoubtedly be just as ruthless trying to achieve it.

We won’t have long to wait for Todd’s chilling take on Zoom. The Flash returns with its Season 2 premiere on Tuesday, October 6, meaning we should first hear Todd on October 13.

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