Batman Escorts Groom to Wedding in Canada


That’s an entrance.

Amit Patel had a zany idea for arriving in style at his wedding. Desperately, he tried to rent the Batmobile to surprise his wedding party in Ontario, BC, but he just couldn’t get anyone to loan him one. That turned out serendipitous because local celebrity Batman impersonator The Brampton Batman was willing to drive him there in person for the surprisingly low price of $500.

"“We figured no one had really done an entrance with the Batmobile,” he told The Huffington Post Canada. “Since we couldn’t rent the Batmobile itself, we were more than happy to have Batman drive me to the venue.”The Brampton Batman, who has been a local favourite for years now, has helped to fight crime and save children in the Ontario city. His car, a 1989 Batmobile replica, looks just like the real deal."

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The wedding was a Gujarati-Hindu ceremony where, traditionally, the groom has an epic party with his closest friends and family on his way to the venue. Often times it’s on the back of an elephant.

Patel thought the Batmobile would be more impressive. We couldn’t agree more.

You can check out the video here.

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