Marvel Wants You To Guess The Identity Of The Totally Awesome Hulk


If there’s anything more we enjoy here at Bam Smack Pow than comic book and super hero teasers, it’s teasers that unfold in real time. To wit, Marvel has unveiled not one but two different teaser images today hinting at the identity of the Totally Awesome Hulk who will be entering our lives after Secret Wars.

Here’s the first one:

Note that headgear sort of looks like the kind sported by Iron Fist. Danny Rand, is that you?

However, just a few hours later, we got a second image with a different silhouette:

Long hair and a beard. Thor Odinson, maybe? He is a little short on raw power since someone else is running around with Mjolnir these days.

Tough to say what gives here. Could be more than one person is the Hulk, rotating on an as-needed basis. That would be a concept we’ve never seen with the Hulk as far as I can remember. Neither Danny nor Odinson seem like they would call themselves “Totally Awesome,” but then again, not many people do outside of the 1980s versions of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

This is fun though. We’ll update with more images if/when they arrive.

UPDATE: September 3, 11:58 am:

Here’s another image just distributed by Marvel.

Thor? There’s no guarantee the new Hulk has to be a male …

UPDATE: September 3, 3:45 pm:

Maybe a villain could harness the power of the Hulk, which would likely be bad news for a bunch of folks.

I’m still curious if this is all just Marvel having fun with us or a suggestion that it might not be just one person who ends up turning into the Hulk in the new series. Also, is the left forearm significant in some way?

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