Toy Story Is Very Different Mashed Up With Batman V Superman


Toy Story is one of the greatest animated films of all time and forever changed animation in both setting a precedent for quality animation and CG movies. It was also the relatively simple story of jealousy. What you don’t remember? Buzz & Woody may be best friends these days, but Woody initially saw Buzz Lightyear as a threat. This certainly sounds like a similar path that Batman v Superman is taking…

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So Cinemash took the original Toy Story trailer and mashed it up with dialogue from the Batman v Superman trailer and because of the jealousy subplot in Toy Story, it actually works way better than you think it would. It also makes Toy Story look like a very different film from the family friendly adventure you might remember. Luckily things worked out for Woody & Buzz and they are best of friends. Will the same thing happen for Batman v Superman? We’ll find out March 25th. Check out the video below:


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