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Web-Slinger Wednesday: Spider-Man Roundup 9/2/15


We made it to September, guys. Isn’t that great? Let’s get to it!


Andrew Garfield has been talking about playing Spider-Man and about Tom Holland and other stuff. Here is him talking about Spider-Man and Marvel. Then he goes on about some of the challenges of playing Spider-Man. Lastly, or at least, the latest, is how he actually felt when he played Spider-Man.

Alright, so the Spider-Man coming up is exciting to think about. This Civil War movie seems to place Spider-Man in a high impact role. It seems like each week we get more and more details about him. Here, we have what seems to be Spider-Man and Iron Man’s relationship in a sense. I guess it’s a spoiler alert if you want nothing to do with knowing too many details about the movie, so hit the link and take a look. I personally don’t believe this rumor.

You remember Dylan Baker? Do you? He played Curt Connors in the Spider-Man movies. He never made it to Lizard status, so he wasn’t a “villain”. I mention this because he recently tried to be a hero as he was trying to save a neighbor from a house fire. I won’t tell you all of the details and I think you’ll like the story.

Spider-Man recently made an appearance to help raise money. Bob Evans restaurant had a family night where 15% of sales went to St. John’s Children’s Hospital.

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Funny photos funny Spider Man comic concert /

Keep swingin’!

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