Catch Up On Gotham In 7 Minutes


Gotham season two is just 18 days away. What’s that? You can’t remember everything that went down in season one (or just didn’t watch season one but want an idea of what happened going into season two)? Well if you’ve got a few minutes, you can get (mostly) caught up.

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“Season in Seven” does a pretty good job of trimming nearly all the extra fat from Gotham’s first season and giving you the highlights in just seven minutes. It cuts out any stand-alone stories or villains that just show up for an episode or two that aren’t central the the season’s arc (like Scarecrow) and mostly focuses on the mob war that took major focus in Gotham’s last few episodes. As someone who has watched the whole first season twice, it’s a pretty good primer for season two:

And so in just a few minutes you’re pretty much caught up Gotham. Get ready for season two, which is all about the rise of some of Gotham’s more infamous inhabitants on September 21st on Fox!


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