Five Most Awesome Moments In The Arrow Season 4 Trailer


So, how about that Arrow Season 4 trailer, eh? We’re a little biased as fans of the show, but it was worth the wait, and like any good tease of things to come, it raised as many questions as it answered.

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Some appear to have obvious answers. Starling City has been renamed Star City to honor the wishes of Ray Palmer, as that was his vision, and the world now believes he’s dead. We suspect otherwise since he’s slated to be a regular on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Oliver Queen is enjoying the quiet life with Felicity Smoak, but he’s never turned his back on his city, and considering Felicity unveils his new costume, she must be okay with him returning to his double life. His sister Thea Queen and Laurel Lance are still fighting the good fight, as is John Diggle, even though he resents the fact that Oliver has left them. They’ll need to get it together to have any hope of defeating Damien Darkh.

Oh yeah, we haven’t seen the last of the League of Assassins, and Team Arrow gets some new assistance from another DC Comics character. Good stuff all the way around, but can we isolate the five most awesome moments? We sure can!

Let’s take them in chronological order:

Looks Better in Action (0:26)

Though Diggle’s new look drew some derision when unveiled earlier this week, it’s mostly because without the visor down, his helmet looks a lot like Magneto’s headgear.

When we first see it in the trailer, it’s much better. Look for this to be a work in progress anyway, as Dig’s costume should evolve just like Oliver’s suits have over the seasons. Now about getting him a code name …

Welcome Back, John (0:44)

The #SaveConstantine campaign wasn’t able to keep the series from being canceled. Happily, that won’t be the end of John Constantine on TV, and now he’ll get the added exposure of being part of the Arrow-verse. With Season 4 said to explore magic in a big way, it’s only right that the cynical mystic would show up in Star City.

Terrific T-Spheres (1:23)

Echo Kellum, welcome to Arrow. As Curtis Holt, he’ll be assisting Felicity on the technical side, but comic book fans know that he’s quite possibly fated to end up as Mister Terrific. And what would Terrific be without his signature tech, his T-Spheres? Not the same, for sure, but not to worry, because it looks like he and Felicity already have them on the drawing board, since they appear to be tossing a few of them around.

Arise, Sara Lance (1:36)

It’s the briefest of glimpses, but Sara Lance rejoins the land of the living courtesy of the Lazarus Pit. Though it’s earlier in the trailer, and probably directed toward Thea, Oliver warns that people who enter the Pit don’t come out the same. Given how long Sara has been deceased, it could be even more of an issue for her, though she’s headed for a major role on Legends of Tomorrow later this season.

“Since Always …” (1:47)

Arrow fans are well aware Felicity is no standard damsel in distress, but she rarely has to get physical. She does here, though, surprising both a goon trying to come after her on an elevator and Curtis Holt too. Sometimes this would be where she inserts some self-deprecating humor, but she sounds pretty confident when Curtis asks her how long she’s been a badass.

Those are our top five, but if you have other moments you enjoyed even more, be sure to leave a comment below or take it to Twitter and let us know.

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