A Labor Day Tribute: 10 Cool Jobs Held By Super Heroes

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Stage Magician

Job held by: Zatanna Zatara (Zatanna)

More than super hero has gone into the family business. Zatanna’s just happened to be magic, and like Harry Potter, she had wizardry in her blood on both sides. Why not turn that into a career as well?

Lots of kids go through magician phases as they grow up, so this job is a purer form of wish fulfillment than the jobs performed by most other super heroes. It definitely helps when you can perform real magic (and powerful magic at that) simply by speaking the intended effect of your spell in reverse, but we’ll cut Zatanna some slack on that front.

From most comic book accounts, Zatanna was as skillful as a performer as she was as an actual magician. Everyone knows that’s an important part of the act, so it’s always been fun to see writers include those kinds of details in her stories.

In any case, if you’re talking about straight up cool factor, illusionist has to rank right up there near the top. Stage magician by day, super hero by night? Yep, that’s good work if you can get it.

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