Gotham: 3 New Clips From Season Two!


Gotham season two is getting closer people! Just 12 more days til we return to our troubled city, which will face a whole host of new problems with a ton of new villainous faces coming to town! To get you pumped we have three new clips from the upcoming season of Gotham!

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In the first clip, Theo Galvan, along with his sister Tabitha seem to be trying to rally the Arkham inmates to work together as a team and cause combined havoc in Gotham. A proto-Legion of Doom? Might even be The Court Of Owls for all we know. What I do want to know is how does Galvan arrange a private talk with all these inmates? Breaking them out just to cause chaos I could see, but this is way more organized than that. Check out the clip below:

In this next clip, Gordon has been busted down to patrol officer and apparently is in trouble for laying his hands on a fellow officer. Commissioner Loeb wants Gordon to resign (and apparently Bullock has already quit rather than putting up with this garbage) but whatever happened, Captain Essen wants to give him a commendation for his actions. What makes no sense here is we know Gordon has significant leverage against Loeb, so how is he able to do this? Hopefully there will be an explanation. In the meantime, check out the clip:

And for the final clip, James Gordon is once again in the position of needing a favor from Oswald Cobbleot. Of course things have drastically changed since the last time Gordon asked for a favor, as Penguin is the new king of the Gotham underworld. Also of note is that Selina Kyle seems to be an underling of Penguin, showing that her criminal turn in the season one finale wasn’t just a temporary thing. Penguin is willing to do the favor, but there’s a catch:

See this and more as the Rise of The Villains begins when Gotham returns September 21st on Fox!

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