Jessica Jones Gets First Teaser Trailer And Premiere Date On Netflix


Anyone waiting for more Marvel programming on Netflix since the excellent first season of Daredevil should keep November 20 free for a binge-watching session.

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Marvel revealed today that November 20 will be the premiere date for Jessica Jones, its second Netflix production. All 13 episodes of its first season will hit Netflix at once, with the streaming service promising that the series featuring Krysten Ritter as Jones would be a “suspenseful, edgy” affair.

Those two adjectives could have been accurately applied to Daredevil as well, but Jessica Jones promises to be different in a number of ways. For starters, if it follows the comics as a road map, its lead character will be trying to make a difference without being a super hero, having already had a bad experience going that route in the past. It’s also another case study for Marvel in having a female lead in comic book material, something that has already been successfully done with the first season of Agent Carter (and will be joined this fall by DC/Warner’s Supergirl) but remains an area largely unexplored in TV and movies.

The first teaser trailer, which you can see below, doesn’t include any actual footage, but it’s heavy on atmosphere and does at least contain a few clues. The first is the name “Alias Investigations” on an office door, which refers to the private investigator business Jones opens in the Marvel Comics series Alias. The other silhouette in the door could easily be Luke Cage, her eventual husband, played on the series by Mike Colter.

Even more obvious is the abundance of purple in the teaser’s imagery, which is likely a promise that David Tennant’s character Killgrave will be a major presence. In print, Killgrave is known as the Purple Man, and his power to control minds allows him to torture Jones for an extended period of time during her fledgling super hero career — a key factor in her turning her back on that life.

Undoubtedly, we’ll get more trailers prior to the premiere, but this at least gives us something to chew on for now. We’ll be waiting anxiously for November 20, that’s for sure.

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