Marvel Teases Gwenpool, Gives The People What They Want?


It wasn’t that long ago that Bleeding Cool was pointing out how Gwenpool was a thing, albeit one driven mostly by cosplayers, wishful fans and variant covers. But maybe not for long.

Marvel just sent out this image, with a very short email that simply read:


I dig Gwenpool taking a selfie of herself as she has that poor Hydra agent in a tough spot. Or maybe she Periscoped the whole fight, who knows?

So … new upcoming series to be announced? That seems like a decent bet, giving the people what they want. Wonder if Ron Lim will do the art, as he did this image. It’s definitely easy to see why fans are so fond of this costume though, as there’s something about it that just works.

Now Gwen Stacy as a wisecracking mercenary is a little harder to imagine, but I’m sure some of you disagree with me on that one.

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