NFL Rookie Duke Johnson Draws Inspiration From The Hulk


It stands to reason that a fair number of NFL players are also comic book and super hero fans. Maybe they even stop by Bam Smack Pow from time to time.

Or maybe not. In any case, ESPN found one NFL rookie who is using a particular Marvel hero as inspiration for his first season as a professional. The player in question is Duke Johnson, who played his college ball for Miami and is now a member of the Cleveland Browns.

Johnson keeps a Hulk action figure in his locker with a Cleveland Browns wristband as a belt. Why? He told ESPN that it’s, “Just a reminder to myself of what I can be.”

He also said he likes the way the Green Goliath handles obstacles in his path.

"The way he can do things and not be stopped regardless of who’s confronting him."

Interestingly, Johnson isn’t exactly a Hulk in terms of physical stature at 5-foot-9, 207 pounds. It makes sense that he favored the Flash as his favorite super hero until college teammate Phillip Dorsett converted him, though there’s definitely something to his rationale, considering he’s already had to overcome some adversity in his rookie year, just recently clearing the NFL’s concussion protocols.

But if not Johnson, who would make a good Hulk? J.J. Watt, maybe? Something to think about as you watch the new NFL season.

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