Remembering 9/11 Through Comics


A sad day that we will never forget. As a native New Yorker, I remember the pure terror of that day. Being young at the time, I recall watching the towers fall with pure chaos in the streets, and as I looked up to the smoke-filled sky, I said, “I wish Superman was here to save us … ”

Everyone who lived through that day has a story to tell. Some recall bravery, others tell an ironic story, while some wish not to share it without thinking of a loss. It proved to be a moment where we needed super heroes, and we had them: firefighters, police officers, medics, doctors, nurses, and volunteers who worked long and hard to try and aid in any way possible and to save lives on a day of terror.

On this, the 14th anniversary, I took a look through my collection of comics, and there were a lot of covers and artwork that depict our heroes just as heartbroken and going through pain like us at the time. I decided just to highlight a few different comic references, artwork and covers that are truly amazing.

These heroes remind us of what a tragic day it was for America. The use of Captain America and Superman effects me the most, seeing both of the ideal super heroes in such pain trying to help and feeling affected by this sad moment. Every time I see an issue of some sort with a 9/11 cover, I buy it immediately, as these covers speak to me and a lot of others. We will never forget.

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