Batman Is Not As Tragic As You Think…


Batman has certainly had a rough life. His parents were murdered right in front of him at an early age. No child should have to go through that. But thought it’s definitely a tragedy, Dorkly rightfully points out that it’s not nearly as tragic as it’s made out to be…

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In the video below, Batman mercilessly cripples (but doesn’t kill, because that’s so much worse than crippling someone for life or putting them in a coma) a thug to find out info on the villainous Calendar Man. Batman and the thug actually briefly bond over both being orphans, but since Batman is you know, a billionaire with a mansion, the empathy fades rather quickly. If only some billionaire would use his fortune to improve the lives of the unfortunate citizens of Gotham. Oh well, let’s put crime in a coma!

Now, it should be pointed out that Batman has been on occasion been portrayed as a more socially conscious superhero (especially in Batman: The Animated Series and even in the Christopher Nolan films), but honestly more often he’s been portrayed as a vicious paranoid lunatic, so I’d say this video is pretty fair.

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