See Elsa From Frozen As A Super Villain


Maybe you don’t think of her this way because you can’t get “Let It Go” or my personal favorite “For the First Time in Forever” out of your head, but Elsa from Frozen could very easily be a super hero. Her ice-based powers could make her the Disney version of Iceman pretty easily once she learned to control them a little bit better, and thanks to her sister Anna, she ended up discovering the light in her heart necessary to use her abilities for good.

Ah, but what if that wasn’t the case? Elsa could easily go the Killer Frost route without too much of a shove, which is exactly what happens in the video below, If Elsa Was The Villain by BloodBlitz Comedy. Thanks to some canny editing, the video reimagines Frozen as Frozen: Attack of the Ice Queen, with Elsa basically a bad egg from the start, motivated by her hate for Anna. Once she taps into her powers, it means bloody ends for her parents, her sister and even Olaf (who I don’t think has any blood, but that part was still funny).

As Slate notes, making Anna a villain was the original plan for Frozen since it’s proven the most popular way to translate the movie’s source material, “The Snow Queen” by Hans Christian Andersen. A more interesting question would be who could stop Elsa if she decided to go bad. An ice-powered super villain in a world without heroes sounds like trouble.

Paging the Human Torch …

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