Early Reviews of Gotham Season 2 are Slightly Optimistic


When Gotham Season 1 ended it was met with a resounding ‘meh’ and series of shrugs. Now, as we’re set to begin the supposedly improved Season 2, some early reviews seem to feel the same about the improvements.

"Based on the first two episodes of the new season, it can be said there’s been some improvement in Gotham – or at least there’s more of the good. The show’s starting to pluck some of the best villains it introduced last year from the pack in order to develop them further, but unfortunately, some of the ways it’s choosing to do this is downright grotesque. Perhaps not literally – the show still lacks a hefty amount of gore given its 8pm time-slot – but the way it treats non-essential personnel (security guards, background actors, non-speaking civilians) boarders on cruel and unusual during some scenes."

Personally, I hate the way many of the characters are developed in conjunction with each other because it changes their character motivations all together. Some of the elements that seem the most promising about the show are the developments of the Bruce Wayne and the Joker character, but I still think those are the most misguided narrative strands of the show. The different moving parts just don’t seem to mesh on Gotham.

"DC’s Batman prequel should be better than it is at this point. If one wants to argue first season growing pains, it’s valid, especially since the show was expanded without warning to 22 episodes when it was originally planned for 16. But that excuse doesn’t fly anymore. Gotham can’t exist in a state of “finding itself” anymore. Sure, it’s found parts of itself, but it hasn’t found all of itself, and that’s what needs to happen at the very least, by the time the sophomore season’s winter-finale rolls around."

Sadly, we may be talking about early cancellation if things don’t smooth out.

"There’s a foundation Gotham stands on that’s rocky in the kindest of descriptions. That foundation is what needs work, and it’s probably going to take more than just a few patches of cement to fix it."

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