Justice League United, Four More DC Titles Ending Before 2016


Such is the nature of the current comic book industry that not even series announced as ongoing titles are guaranteed to be sticking around for very long. As evidence, I point you to a report from Comic Book Resources that five DC titles are being canceled in November and December, some of which won’t even make it to issue #10.

The five series coming to an end are:

  • Justice League United, which was supposed to be Justice League Canada until DC decided on a more inclusive name, and featured the always fun “different heroes for different missions” theme. It ends in December with issue #16.
  • Gotham By Midnight, one of the new look Batman books that centered on the more supernatural side of Gotham City. It wraps up with #12 in December.
  • The Omega Men, famous for killing off Kyle Rayner right out of the gate. Even that plus positive reviews won’t keep it from ending after just seven issues.
  • Lobo, which was not exactly the Main Man of old, but did feature multiple versions of the character. Issue #13 will end its run in December.
  • Doomed, about … actually, I’m not sure what this book was even about. A guy who turned into a Doomsday-like monster and attempted to harness the power for good? That might be it. The series was not well reviewed and apparently is calling it quits with #6 in November.

Apologies if any of these titles are among your favorites. With reports that the DC You initiative has not led to great sales so far, don’t be surprised if these aren’t the only cancellations coming over the next few months.

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