Major Character Deaths Early In Season 2 Of Gotham?


Gotham may be looking to start off the season by really mixing things up with a couple of major characters being killed off early in the season, according to TV Guide.

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According to the outlet, two “significant” characters will die. They claim one was very sudden an unexpected and caught them completely off-guard. The other “rocks and already reeling James Gordon and serve as a motivating force for him all season long.”

While I think the core characters from season one are pretty safe, there’s a lot more tangential characters that could easily fall prey. I think Gertrude Cobblepot would be a likely target, as she is someone ultimately holding Oswald back from his criminal destiny. Commissioner Loeb seems like a really likely candidate for death as well. It could even serve as motivation for Gordon because while they are enemies, if Loeb dies as a result of Gordon’s actions, that could motivate him for the remainder of the season. It could also be Michael Chiklis’ character, Captain Barnes. Barnes is already the kind of character Gordon could really idolize. It wouldn’t be hard to see him making an impact for a few episodes, then being killed off and really giving Gordon new motivation.

Of course if Gotham really wants to screw with canon, Captain Essen and Leslie Thompkins are also possible candidates. I’m hoping not because of their importance in the general Batman universe, but hey they’ve already killed off Sal Maroni and made Barbara a serial killer so I don’t really know if anybody’s safe. We’ll find out when Gotham returns in just one week on Fox!

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