When Is Victor Fries Coming To Gotham?


We’ve already heard news that Mr. Freeze is coming to Gotham in some form this season, but now we know exactly when you can expect to see the villain with a heart of cold freeze Gotham in its tracks!

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Legends of Gotham has posted 8 things they’ve learned about the upcoming season, and while most of it is things we’ve already reported on, one new thing we saw was news on exactly when Victor Fries aka Mr. Freeze is coming to the show:

"Mr. Freeze will make his debut in Episode 12. His wife’s tragic fate will be a big part of the origin, but Stephens assured us Gotham would have it’s own unique spin."

Of course whether we will see Fries suit up or just the very beginnings of his origins is anybody’s guess. Episode 12 is a ways off though, we probably won’t actually see Mr. Freeze make his appearance until early next year after the holiday hiatus.

In more immediate news, EW has the scoop on where the new season of Gotham picks up:

"There’s a mini-time jump in the season premiere, which finds Jim working the streets as a beat cop after being demoted. He may be down, but trust me when I tell you that he’s not out. In fact, we’ll see him go to great lengths to achieve his goals, even if that means being on the wrong side of the law and getting his hands a little (or a lot) dirty."

I’m pretty excited to see what Gordon does to get his hands dirty. We’ll find out in just one week when Gotham returns on Fox!

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