Gotham: Bruno Heller Has A Weird Idea Of ‘Fun’


Gotham EP Bruno Heller talked with Showbiz Junkies about the upcoming season of Gotham. One of the things he talked about is that while season two is filled with terrible villains, there will be some “fun” elements.

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The thing is, one of the things he referred to as “fun” was villain called “Flamingo”, who will be appearing in the upcoming season of Gotham. Flamingo is a serial killer who eats his victims after he kills them. That’s a really weird idea of “fun” in my book.

Heller also talked about Bruce Wayne’s continuing journey to becoming Batman in season two of Gotham:

"It’s tricky because like anyone’s childhood there’s wrong turns and it’s as much about watching David grow into himself and grow older and become a man, and that’s one of the beauties of working in TV is it happens in time. And Bruce Wayne will grow as David grows. As far as actually translating that to the page, it’s really just trying to be as organic and unforced as possible. He’s already had this traumatic turn so what happens to him in the future is going to be the texture of his life as opposed to a grand epic drama – a secret drama that’s happened outside of the Batman canon. We’re trying to make all of these characters as human and as real and as lifelike and as fluid as possible."

We’ll see more of Heller’s idea of “fun” & Bruce Wayne growing into his destiny when Gotham returns this Monday!

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