Did The Flash Pilot Originally Reference Aquaman?


The Flash made plenty of references to other DC super heroes during Season 1. Even though Barry Allen was a rookie as the Fastest Man Alive and his only real team-ups were with the Arrow and Firestorm, there was reason to at least feel like the series was part of a wider universe that contained other meta-humans.

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Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we got a sneak peek today at one of the most intriguing ones yet. In a deleted scene from the pilot episode of The Flash, Barry explains to Joe West that he was late because he was investigating reports of a man who could bend steel with his bare hands. Joe’s response casually mentions a time the previous month he was late because he “disappeared to Amnesty Bay to investigate a story about a man who could talk to fish.”

Yep, that’s exactly what it sound like: a reference to Aquaman! Not only the “talk to fish” part, but also Amnesty Bay, which is Aquaman’s traditional home in the comics.

Why was the scene scrapped? Probably because it just didn’t move the plot along and not for the mention of another DC icon, though we don’t know for sure. We can tell you that this is one of the deleted scenes that appears among the bonus features of The Flash Season 1 on Blu-ray and DVD, which hit stores on September 22.

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