Gotham: Penguin Will Need A Little Help From His Friends


Penguin is used to relying on just himself, but if he wants to remain “King of Gotham” in the upcoming season, he’ll need some people he can rely on. Robin Lord Taylor talked about his character’s need for allies in season two of the hit show.

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"I think essentially he’s very used to being on his own, he’s never trusted anyone inclusively. It’s always sort of been him against the world. Again the only person he trusts is his dear mother. But I do think that part of his lesson that he learns being the king of Gotham now is that…he does need people."

One of Penguin’s newest allies in the upcoming season of Gotham is Selina Kyle, and Taylor talked a little bit about the relationship dynamic between the two characters:

"Selina kind of does her own thing. She slips in and out and she is essentially, what I love about her character is – she’s very similar to Penguin, has no real allies except maybe Bruce Wayne. She brings a new energy, she also enjoys the fact that she has that ability infiltrate all sorts of groups. I think he really wants to use that to his own advantage. Obviously we’ll see how much Selina agrees with that."

We’ll be sure to see how that relationship develops when season two of Gotham starts tomorrow on Fox!

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