Gotham: Robin Lord Taylor Wants A Helicopter Umbrella


Gotham returns for it’s sophomore season tomorrow with the new Rise of The Villains theme! And somebody who certainly rose to the top in last season was The Penguin, as he became the “King Of Gotham” by being one of the few people to actually survive the mob war at the end of the season. Now with Penguin on top, will we start seeing him have time to develop some of his trademark umbrella gimmicks? There’s one in particular Robin Lord Taylor, who plays the Penguin, would like to see.

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"This is where I don’t know if it was strictly a Tim Burton thing or if this was in the comics, but a helicopter umbrella, all the way. That’s so fantastic and so amazing and something necessarily for him because of his impediment. He also created so many enemies, so it would be a really amazing way to get around and not be as noticeable. You see Cobblepot walking down the street and you know exactly who it is because of his injury. For him to be able to use his tools to be able to work around that would be somewhat inspired and make a lot of sense for the character. Helicopter umbrella, all the way."

Taylor also hinted that he and Cory Michael Smith, who plays Edward Nygma, aka the future Riddler will also interact more in the new season, with Nygma embracing his psychotic side more. You can read all about that and a lot more in Taylor’s interview over at ComicBookResources, and be sure to catch Gotham’s return tomorrow on Fox!

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