Gotham: Season 2 Premiere Is A ‘Second Pilot’


The second season of Gotham premieres tomorrow, and for weeks now, the cast and crew has talked about changes and improvements that have been made for the second season. You almost want to say this new season of Gotham is a fresh start, with the season premiere being a second pilot of sorts. Well Gotham star Ben McKenzie would agree with you.

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Speaking with, McKenzie talked about the new direction in season two of Gotham:

"Yeah, we’re re-originating the show pretty significantly. You could say this is a second pilot, and you’re right. The first pilot we made did show how it could be a grand, serialized saga, but it got diverted into the procedural act. We basically needed to end the first season and right the ship, to move it back to where it should’ve been. There’s 75 years of this stuff, all these characters and all these movies. They’re really rich and have this really complicated moral landscape that they’re living in. So let’s, you know, let’s explore that!"

The rest of the cast seems really excited about the upcoming season as well, which you can read all about over on and be sure to check out this “second pilot” of Gotham tomorrow on Fox!

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