Gotham: Selina, Barbara & More!


Season two of Gotham is a big status quo change for a lot of characters. Thanks to Den of Geek, we get an update on what to expect from Selina Kyle, Barbara Kean, Butch and villainous newcomers The Galvans in the coming season!

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Erin Richards said the new psychotic Barbara who killed her parents is “the birth of a new person” that’s “been hatched out of a crazy evil egg.” But despite all that change, she’s still very focused on Jim Gordon:

"Because she’s kind of gone to her dark side now, she’s exploring her shadow self, I think she’s latched onto that side of Jim and she’s quite obsessed with trying to get him to come to the dark side with her because she sees that it’s there, but, in her eyes, he’s living this lie."

Richards also hinted that she’d get more screen time with Robin Lord Taylor’s Penguin this season, which will obviously be very interesting.

Camren Bicondova, who plays Selina Kyle, said Selina will face a struggle between being a hero or a villain, and that we’ll see a less guarded version of her than in season one. Selina’s realtionship with Bruce Wayne will also evolve, but he won’t agree with some of what she does.

Drew Powell, who plays Butch on Gotham, said that Zsasz’s “conditioning” is still in place, making him for now a loyal Penguin lackey, but that conditioning will be tested. He also added that Tabitha Galvan is the scariest person you will see in season two.

And what of the Galvans? Jessica Lucas, who plays Tabitha (who will become Tigress at some point) describes James Frain’s character Theo as a “schemer” while Tabitha is a “woman of action” and talked about the siblings relationship:

"It’s a typical sibling relationship. There’s a lot of loyalty there. They both have an agenda, but they have different ways of approaching it … I think maybe she feels like she is under his thumb a little bit and is frustrated by the way he chooses to carry things out. She would much rather just get it done. She’s very bored by his antics."

Sounds like there’s plenty going on in season two of Gotham for everybody! Be sure to tune in this Monday for the premiere!

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