See The Rise & Fall of Jim Gordon In Gotham Season 2


Seaso two of Gotham is almost here, and we know it’s going to be a very rough going for Gotham, as it’s titled “Rise of The Villains”. What will that mean for James Gordon, who is trying to keep the city of Gotham from tearing itself apart?

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Speaking with EW, Gotham actor Ben McKenzie explained that Gordon is going to embrace his dark side a bit to get things done and what that will mean:

"We’re going to be playing with the notion of the rise and fall and possibly rise and fall again of both his standing in Gotham as a public figure and also his ability to keep it all together morally and otherwise — his relationship with Thompkins [Morena Baccarin] and everything. So it’ll be pretty turbulent."

To get a hint of the dark times ahead, check out the promo for the new season of Gotham below and be sure to tune in to Fox tomorrow night for the season premiere!

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