Who is David Mazouz’s Favorite Batman?


David Mazouz plays a young, pre-Batman Bruce Wayne on Gotham. As someone who is on the journey to become Batman, out of all the actors who have played Batman over the years, which one is David Mazouz’s favorite?

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Speaking to Canada.com, David Mazouz was asked his favorite Batman, and it’s definitely not one of the more common choices:

"I think Val Kilmer. I just really like Val Kilmer, but not too many people talk about Val Kilmer."

While I don’t think Kilmer did a bad job, I do think David Mazouz is probably of a very small minority of having Val Kilmer as their favorite Batman. Camren Bicondova was also being interviewed and was asked who her favorite Catwoman has been thus far:

"I love Julie Newmar’s take. She was the first, and I feel that the first should get some credit because a lot of the more recent portrayals are fresh in people’s minds. Julie Newmar kind of took the comedy and twisted it in her own way in the Adam West show."

A pretty classic opinion. Be sure to read the rest of the interview at the link provided above and catch both David Mazouz & Camren Bicondova on Gotham when it returns for it’s second season tomorrow on Fox!

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