Gotham: Season Two Is A Transformation


According to Gotham EP Bruno Heller, the second season of Gotham is where the villains get worse and the stakes get much higher.

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"The first season was very much old-school Gotham, run by mobsters and the mafia. What we’re seeing this year is the transformation of the underworld from that conventional underworld to a grotesque, larger-than-life underworld that eventually takes over Gotham and requires the creation of Batman. That was always the plan — when you’re telling a story that everyone knows, and which leads to this epochal event, the birth of Batman, you have to build to something. Every season of this show will have to be bigger, and more spectacular, and more scary than the last season."

And newcomers Theo & Tabitha Galvan are the epitome of that grotesque underworld:

"The Galavans bring that heightened, larger-than-life feeling that personifies what is happening to Gotham. Falcone was a familiar style of villain — anyone could just look back to 1930s Chicago and they’d recognize him as a crime boss. What happens to Gotham is that the villains keep mutating and growing more gothic and stranger. They have larger visions, and more apocalyptic visions. As Jim gets better at his job, the villains are getting better at their jobs, and the stakes are higher. Penguin just wants to run the city. Galavan is someone who wants to control Gotham in order to destroy it."

Be sure to tune into Gotham Mondays on Fox to see the transformation!

h/t The Hollywood Reporter

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